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We continuously develop our team professionally and personally while exceeding our client’s expectations, driving us to the top of our industry nationwide.

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    Westland Vantage is a progressive sales firm with expertise in business-to-consumer customer acquisitions. Currently, we represent some of the nation's largest telecom clients and are responsible for both gaining the attention and service of new customers.

    The mission of Westland Vantage is to progressively initiate and foster a client-centered environment, rooted in values of high standards, ethics, and integrity. Through creative thinking in penetrating our client’s niche market, we deliver results that are not just expected but deserved. Through continuous improvement, we promote personal individual growth and expansion outside of the Virginia Beach area, ensuring performance over seniority. Our goal is to provide professional representation to our clients and numerous career growth opportunities for our team members.

    Throughout our time in business, the main thing we hear from young professionals is that they don’t want the corporate 9 to 5 or to spend two or three decades climbing the ladder into the position they just went to school for. Fortunately, Westland Vantage provides a solution.

    In representing such prestigious clientele, Westland Vantage has a Management Training Program that allows for advancement based on work ethic and merit rather than seniority. Our client has provided us with a solid market of accounts to manage, so we are able to fully focus on the development of our team. Starting with sales and marketing, then leading to team management, and within just one or two years, managing an entire market. Expansion is definitely in our near future, and we look forward to watching many lives change through this opportunity!

    We are a company that values a “Work Hard, Play Hard” mentality. While always maintaining a level of professionalism, our team is fun, competitive, and hard-working. Their drive to succeed yet easy-going approach to life leads to a company culture of “get the job done but don’t forget to have fun while doing it,” which allows for an amazing work-life balance.

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    Results You Can See

    Product-specific presentations bring the best customer acquisition and retention rates to our clients. We believe that building a long-standing business is dependent upon company unity, team diversity, and a common goal!
    • 100% ROI
    • Commitment To Excellence
    • Innovation & New Ideas Embraced
    • Servant-Leadership Based Management
    • Strong Work Culture & Camarederie
    • Goal-Centric

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